West Hallowes Traffic

MRA officials are lobbying Greenwich Council, on behalf of West Hallowes residents, in relation to excessive rat-running from West Park to the A20.

Experience would indicate that some (i.e. my Garmin) satnavs are sending traffic to the A20 from West Park via West Hallowes.

A letter was delivered to 61 households (attached) which suggests closing off access to the A20 from the north end of West Hallowes, along with erection of suitable notices at the West Hallowes roundabout and at the junction with West Park.

8 residents appeared to be away at the time of distribution, but immediate signed responses were received from the 53 others, all of these being unquestioningly in favour of the proposal.

This information has been sent to Cllr John Hills and we await the Council’s response.

Further information from Fred Roberts at No 27.