The Porcupine

Porcupine Update 1st October

Reply required before October 14th

 Residents may be aware that the appeal made by Lidl following Bromley’s latest refusal of planning permission is about to be heard.  This will be carried out under a written submission procedure and any comments should be submitted by October 14th either by post (in triplicate) or via email to quoting the reference APP/G5180/W/21/3274124.

Information about the process can be found at Using the Appeal number 3274124

Suggest you use this process to respond :

Click HERE to get direct to Planning Inspectorate site and enter Appeal Number 3274124 in right hand box.

Background :

Lidl have again applied to Bromley Council to demolish the Porcupine Pub and build a Supermarket.

The Planning application can be viewed on the Bromley Council Planning pages.

You can view all the documents, previous  comments and leave your own comment HERE

The MRA’s response to the planning application may be viewed HERE.

The MRA View

The MRA has a firm responsibility to protect the environment and safety of the residents it represents, and a majority of respondents to an all-doors survey was in favour of opposing the planning proposal.

It has to be acknowledged that there is a number of local residents who might welcome the addition of the Lidl brand to our area, which might elevate the retail profile and perhaps enhance local trade – apart from the existing 3 local food outlets.

MRA Submission to Bromley Council Planning Application

A bit of History :

John Kennett’s History of The Porcupine from 1688-2010 can be seen here.

The 2012 sale of the Pub to Lidl was made without any community involvement. It was not sold on the open market, but by an under-the-table overnight sale by Enterprise Inns, who had been running down the premises for some time. 

Following significant local community effort, the site was defined as an Asset of Community Value by Bromley council with the agreement of the Government which gave a 5 year period for the community to suggest uses and attempt to find purchasers and developers.

Lidl, as sole owners of the site, subsequently refused to entertain any discussion or meaningful engagement with local people or groups.  Potential buyers were found for the site but were all refused without explanation, or release of an expected sale price.

The overriding reason that the Council refused previous planning before was on safety grounds.  The prospect of 40 tonne lorries negotiating the War Memorial roundabout and the narrow road outside the library, while dodging pedestrians in their own car-park was viewed with little enthusiasm.  The new application attempts to address the issue by a narrowing of the pavement outside the library in order to make the lorry-turning easier.  This is hardly compatible with pedestrian protection !

We feel that the issues raised at the original planning and appeal have not been satisfactorily addressed.

You can view all the documents, previous  comments and leave your own comment HERE