Porcupine Update 26th April

Lidl are dragging their feet about formulating a decision on what to do with the site. The matter is now in the hands of the Lidl (UK) board. It is reported that the offers the company have received for the site were “disappointing”. They have received a number of Expressions of Interest from pubcos, but none of those who made an Expression of Interest made a formal offer for the site.
The Lidl board are considering 2 options:-
  • To sell the site notwithstanding that Lidl would make a loss on the deal.
  • To make another planning application to Bromley Council. This is something that Lidl have not raised before.
We are advised that the board decision should be due “shortly” (whatever that means).
It may be that Lidl are awaiting for the ACV to expire early next year, and in the meantime they will treat the Porcupine as an investment.
We will keep you informed should there be any developments. Please keep watching, we may need your assistance at short notice.
Anyone wishing for further information should contact Ted Rowlands, Chair, Porcupine Development Committee.     ted-rowlands@hotmail.co.uk

You might also be interested to visit the Porcupine Twitter feed for more information and background.

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