Library Update

At the September, 2016 meeting of the Renewal & Recreation PDS Committee, it was reported that the only serious bidder to run the Community Libraries had withdrawn. No other prospect was in view to run the six libraries as a separate entity. The decision (to be ratified by the Executive Committee on 20th October, 2016) was taken to include all six in the core bid for the Bexley/Bromley joint service. This was the result for which the MRA had pushed. We will retain our paid, highly trained and committed staff and a professional service which meets the needs of the local community. The £250,000 projected saving from the original plans will be met from Bromley’s contingency fund for this year. However, Bromley remains committed to making this saving in future years from the core contract. It is unlikely that the future, successful bidder will be able or willing to absorb the cost of the community libraries. The MRA will continue to monitor progress and report accordingly.
Liz Keable

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