Aircraft Nuisance – HACAN public meetings – message from John Stewart

Dear All,

Here is a link to a 3 page briefing I have put together to help people with their response to the London City Master Plan Consultation:  I have put it on  both the HACAN and HACAN East website and will put it on social media . 

 News of two public meetings:

 Lewisham East MP Janet Daby is holding a public meeting about noise and flight paths in her constituency  from both London City and Heathrow  on 26th July where London City, Heathrow & NATS will be present. For details and tickets:

Waltham Forest Council will be holding a public meeting in Leytonstone Library on Tues 10th September 7.30- 9.30pm to discuss the London City proposals.

John  Stewart 

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