Porcupine Latest 16th February

Lidl invited bids for the site in December, with a close date of 16 December. They are still reviewing offers and no decision made as yet.

From communications with Lidl it would appear that there are 2 areas which may have influenced the current impasse. Firstly Lidl may not have received bids for the site which would cover their overall outlay. The reported slowdown in London property values may have also influenced prospective bidders. Secondly the ACV registered on the Porcupine will have also influenced prospective purchasers. A couple of prospective bidders have approached us to see if we would remove the ACV from the site so they could bid without hindrance. I duly advised the enquirers that this was a decision for the PDC and the MRA, but it would be unlikely that the ACV would be removed just to suit them.

If there are any developments I shall let you know.

Ted Rowlands, Chair Porcupine Development Group