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Mottingham News Correction

In Mottingham News there is an article relating to discussion of “Traffic in West Hallowes” at MRA Committee meetings.  There is a statement that the traffic calming measures are opposed by residents.  This is misleading, and the editor apologises.

The option adopted by the council was not favoured by residents who requested much stronger measures.

The original complaint was regarding dangerous rat-running in West Hallowes, some of which is prompted by sat navs.

Residents of West Hallowes were allowed to address a council meeting to express their agitation.

The MRA suggested a restriction on access to the A20 from the north end of West Hallowes.  This had significant support from residents, but was ignored by the council, who have opted for a softer option of road humps and a 20 mph limit.  It seems that the speed limit was planned anyway by Greenwich for both West Park and West Hallowes. 

The speed hump option was added in spite of the recently expressed intention of the Mayor of London to remove all speed humps in order to reduce pollution.

We suspect that the installation of humps will increase both pollution and noise of acceleration.

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  1. this should of been done years ago ,,we get cars and motor bikes and white van man driving over 50 to 60 mph , there are small kids that live in this road .. and its so dangerous ,,, all the people that live in this road want something done ,,,, and at last it looks like it will 5am cars speed down the road as a rat run

  2. the traffic is getting so bad i cannot get out my drive for up to 5 minutes due to the tail back of traffic on the road. There are even coaches coming down the road now as i think the GPS is showing this a short cut to the A2 for everyone. I do not think speed humps will stop the traffic just the speed and there will be more traffic on the road causing a build up outside what is the proposal as this has got much worse in the last couple of months once the survey was done on the road.

  3. Brenda montgomery October 11, 2019 @ 2:19 pm

    When are the humps and 20 mile sign being done
    As there is 20 mile sign in sidcup road near west hallowes
    And they are still speeding down west hallowes
    How long does this take to be done

    • May I suggest you contact Cllr John Hills at Greenwich Council? There is a link to his e-mail on website – LINKS – COUNCILS.

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