New YouTube Documentary film by Dewayne Lindsay – London Districts series.

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  1. Brilliant – wish progs were longer – very interesting and refreshing – great soundtrack – thank you!

  2. Excellent programs but what about Ealing

  3. I love your programmes. You have a lovely soothing voice.
    Only wish you could remember that there is a T in the English Language

  4. Peter Couillault December 7, 2020 @ 8:05 pm

    Absolutely fantastic programme and so interesting to learn all about the districts of south London. Dewayne Lindsay is a genius and will go far in life because of his entertaining presentation of the programmes he narrates. I was born in North London so I look forward to his mini documentaries about my area Hampstead in North West London. Keep up the good work Dewayne you’re unique!!

  5. I came upon these programmes completely by accident. I am from south London originally and love finding out all the stuff I didn’t know. So many congratulations on such excellent tours of London. New areas would be equally welcome

  6. Great education for social history
    Thank you

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