Festive Lights Appeal 2020

Mottingham Village Lighting, 2019 and Hopes for 2020.

The dismal weather and, in particular the storms, wreaked havoc on the last of the Tree Lights and blacked out a couple of Motifs and Strings last year.  However, Mottingham fared better than many other local displays for which we are grateful.  Despite this setback a number of residents commented that 2019 was “The best ever display”!

Since then Mottingham Village seems to have slept, undisturbed. Many businesses and residents have suffered financially from the effects of Covid19 and everything is very quiet. It is as though we could all do with a good shake out, dust down and a point in the right direction!

Let’s start with the Mottingham Festive Lights! A good display should cheer us all up.

The annual cost of mounting the display is around £3000 and the organisers are grateful to all those who contribute.

We are particularly grateful the local traders listed below who donated last year and would encourage residents to show their appreciation by supporting the local shops.

Autospares, Cockburns Estate Agents, Jarman & Dixon Pharmacy, Mottingham Fish and Chip Bar,  Oakwood Estates, Rooms Kitchens

Appeal for donations to the 2020 Festive Lights Appeal.

Click for form and details of how to donate


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