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Update 25;09;2018

  • Traffic in West Hallowes

    • Traffic flow data collected by Greenwich Council has not been released
    • Greenwich Council have started a consultation with a view to installation of a 20 mph speed limit and road humps, as part of earlier implementation of the plans for the West Park area.
  • Bromley Police Deficiencies

    • There were again no representatives from either Bromley or Greenwich police
  • Additional Names for War Memorial

    • Ownership of the memorial is uncertain. On-going investigations.
  • Bromley Residents’ Federation

    • Bromley Council are considering an extensive network of cycle lanes, but the meeting felt this inappropriate considering the number of cyclists, and the potential impact on green spaces.
  • Porcupine Development

    • Lidl have sponsored a traffic survey in Mottingham Road – No details released
    • A developer is interested in the site for housing and re-opening the pub, but Lidl are declining offers of discussion.
    • STOP PRESS – Site is for sale – Click for details
  • River Quaggy

    • Significant pollution has been noted.
    • Chairman has written to Peter Sibley at Bromley Council to arrange for possible inclusion on a Bromley Clean-up Day
    • Noted that the state of the River Quaggy is the responsibility of the Environment Agency
  • General State of the Village

    • Local Councillors to be contacted
    • Letter of appreciation sent to Albin’s Funeral Directors.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Re The Porcupine.
    I think that we should oppose the building of Lidl supermarket by any means available.
    The council needs to issue a compulsory purchase order to retain the Porcupine as a community asset.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Please see new posting and update on Porcupine Consultation.

    • The porcupine is an eye sore and should be turned into a Lidl. Turn it into anything that will benefit the community and provide jobs for local residents.

      Area’s grow because of investments from larger companies and not from more Pubs.

      Cramming more housing int an already built up area is ridiculous. Look how bad it looks right by Mottingham station?

      • Joe and Judy Pike November 22, 2018 @ 8:36 am

        Grant Dryden’s comments are so true. A decent food outlet at reasonable prices would bring people to Mottingham to shop. The sad state of the Porcupine site cannot be allowed to continue. We don’t have enough school places for more housing.

  2. Ive been a resident of Mottingham for 5 years now and I’m sad to see the area has not improved at all in this time. In fact the high street has got worse as it’s lost businesses and more shops are now empty. Please turn the eye sore of the porcupine into a Lidl, as I believe this will bring much needed life to our small high street.

    • The committee is also concerned about the situation, much of which is out of our hands. The shops are empty because the landlord from north London doubled the rent for existing tenants. The shopkeepers declined to unite as we advised. We will be watching the planning applications from Lidl carefully. If you have concerns for Mottingham, please join the Committee which is open to all members. Next meeting this month.

  3. mr lee golesworthy April 8, 2019 @ 10:13 pm

    when will the speed humps be done in west hallowes mottingham we were send the plans as was told work will start in march or april 2019 ,,,

  4. Ireti Samuel-Ogbu May 6, 2019 @ 2:17 pm

    What can be done about the amount of fly tipping that’s done in Mottingham especially around Mottingham lane and Sidcup road . Residents also leave their unwanted items and junk on the pavements which is most unsightly! They should be encouraged to take these to recycling centres

    • MRA Webmaster May 9, 2019 @ 9:20 am

      Suggest you report on Fix My Street.
      See ‘Links’ – ‘Councils’ Pages on website.
      Any unwanted items left on the pavement counts as ‘Fly Tipping’ and is reportable.

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