Current Committee Topics

Current topics being Discussed by the MRA Committee

Update 20;03;2018

  • Traffic in West Hallowes

    • Greenwich Council are looking at the problem and going to gather traffic flow data.
    • Representatives to speak (supported by Cllr John Hills) at 21st March Greenwich Council Meeting
  • Bromley Police Deficiencies

  • Mottingham Hall Nursery woodland activities

    • Activities involving pruning and felling trees is being monitored by Council official.
  • New Plaque for the Festival Bench on Foxes Field

  • Additional Names for War Memorial

  • Porcupine Development

    • Lidl have sponsored a traffic survey in Mottingham Road
    • Intending to submit a new planning application in June/July


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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Re The Porcupine.
    I think that we should oppose the building of Lidl supermarket by any means available.
    The council needs to issue a compulsory purchase order to retain the Porcupine as a community asset.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      Please see new posting and update on Porcupine Consultation.

    • The porcupine is an eye sore and should be turned into a Lidl. Turn it into anything that will benefit the community and provide jobs for local residents.

      Area’s grow because of investments from larger companies and not from more Pubs.

      Cramming more housing int an already built up area is ridiculous. Look how bad it looks right by Mottingham station?

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