Coronavirus Covid-19

1st April : Bromley Council Update

                    Coldharbour district help-groups, plus links to Greenwich response

Both contain heaps of useful information for all

Registration links for Needy Folks as well as Volunteers

Library Services – See :  Bromley Council Website Page

 Facebook Page  has details of services being offered remotely including Chris’s London Walks, Claire’s singing & signing.

3oth March : Letter to all residents from Bromley Police Safer Neighbourhood team.

In these uncertain and unprecedented times we should be looking after, and looking out for each other.  Not only in terms of providing help, but also in being responsible towards others in our own actions.

You might be able to assist directly, and there are ways of offering your help.  You might consider joining or setting up a local WhatsApp group, or there are initiatives on Nextdoor Mottingham website.

Bromley Council have also issued an information paper :

Volunteering to help those facing self-isolation in the fight against Covid-19

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